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The planet is in turmoil.
Can it be saved in time?

Battle for Eklatros

Eklatros is a magical world that is under attack from an interstellar invasion. Currently, the magic on Eklatros lies dormant. Can Anifa and her friends restore the magic to the world before its impending destruction? Follow the party as they travel across Eklatros to awaken the planet and restore Eklatros to its true state of being.

What Is Eklatros?

Battle for Eklatros is an upcoming Science-Fantasy novel by Alex Galassi. This is a story that has been with him since he was in elementary school, and has been evolving as he has evolved. Now the story is finally ready to be shared with the world. Battle for Eklatros is the first of four planned books in the currently untitled book series.

For about six months, Battle for Eklatros was being built as an RPG style video game. That project has since been halted in order for the book to be written.

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